Epson Ink Tank Printers, now with 3 Year Warranty - Epson Ink Tank Printers available from Discspeed

Epson Ink Tank Printers, now with 3 Year Warranty - Epson Ink Tank Printers available from Discspeed

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Epson’s high-capacity ink tank printer has achieved cumulative global sales of 15 million units.

28 July 2016
Epson first launched the high-capacity ink tank printers in October 2010 in Indonesia.
Since then, the high-capacity ink tank printers have continued to be introduced into 150 new countries and regions , highlighting the positive response to this new concept.

This new type of printer has made a significant impression on the market. This is particularly evident in emerging markets where sales of the series have accounted for approximately 10% of total sales of printers (laser and inkjet printers), which equates to approximately 45 million units. We predict strong continued sales growth with global annual sales projected to account for nearly 40% of the total sales of our inkjet printers.

With 15 million units sold, we’re proud to say that this new concept has proven a success. We’ve always valued the importance of offering customers a wide range of choice, so that they can find a product that suits their individual needs. We identified a unique market opportunity; customers looking for a purpose-built, reliable, cost-effective and high-volume printing solution. Our innovative high-capacity ink tank printers provide the answer and we’ve got the sales figures to testify to that

High-quality, professional printing is now ultra-affordable

Whether you are working from home or the office, an Epson ink tank system printer will drive down your printing and business costs. Our new range of ultra-high-capacity inkjet printers combine affordability, convenience, quality and reliability in one incredible package.

An Epson ink tank system printer is the perfect choice for anyone who wants ultra-low-cost, hassle-free printing without having to compromise on performance or quality.
Key benefits:

  • Ultra-high-capacity integrated ink tank

  • Ultra-low-cost printing

  • Epson-quality results

  • High-volume ink bottles

  • Reliable operation

  • Peace of mind with a genuine Epson warranty

  • Ultra-economical for ultra-low-cost printing

  • The ultra-high-capacity ink tank delivers Epson-quality at an ultra-low cost.

  • The printers come with high-volume genuine Epson ink bottles which yield an extraordinary print capacity.

  • This system not only delivers great value for money but also makes the printer a highly productive and dependable addition to your office.












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