Brother INK Tank Printer DCP T310W - Epson Ink Tank Printers available from Discspeed

Brother INK Tank Printer DCP T310W - Epson Ink Tank Printers available from Discspeed

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Discspeed 011-318-2052
Discspeed 011-318-2052
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DCP-T310 Ink Tank Printer
Brother 27ppm A4 3-in1 Ink Tank System with USB connect.
Includes USB Cable.  Three year / 30 000 page carry in warranty
(Print Copy Scan USB)

1x Full set of bottle Ink included

First Inkpressions count with superior quality and efficiency. Every time. The Brother DCP-T510W features a Refill Tank System with a transparent cover that allows for easy front access to the embedded ink tank.  The user-friendly design is engineered to minimise the risk of mess and leakage.

What’s in the Box?
The DCP-T310W Refill Tank System ships with the following:
  • 1 x 6,500 Page black ink bottle, 5,000 Page per CMY colour ink bottles
  • Power supply cord
  • USB cable
  • Driver software for Windows®
  • Quick Set-Up Guide

DCP-T510W Ink Tank Printer
Additional ink bottles for future use:
  • BTD60BK    Black Ink for Brother DCPT510W; DCPT710W and MFCT910DW only    6500 PGS    199.00
  • BT5000C    Cyan Ink for Brother DCPT500W, DCPT710W and MFCJ910DW    5000 PGS    169.00
  • BT5000M    Magenta Ink for Brother DCPT500W, DCPT710W and MFCJ910DW    5000 PGS    169.00
  • BT5000Y    Yellow Ink for Brother DCPT500W, DCPT710W and MFCJ910DW    5000 PGS    169.00

Maximise your savings and benefit from a smarter design that makes ink refilling effortless!
Designed to give you big savings, the new Brother DCP-T500W Inkjet Multi-Function Centre features a new Refill Tank System and offers ink bottles with ultra-high 6,000 page-yield.

Exceedingly Low Running Costs
Enjoy low running cost with exceedingly affordable ultra-high 6000 page-yield** ink bottles. Reduce ink wastage with individual ink bottle refill system that allows you to replace only the colours you need. Plus, easily produce 2-up and 4-up on a single sheet. This saves paper when viewing drafts or layouts.
Easy Ink Refilling
Refilling is easily done in 3 simple steps, thanks to the easily accessible ink tank at the front.
Minimise Ink Spillage
Most conventional printers require users to tilt the ink bottles vertically when refilling, which increases risk of spillage.
Brother’s smart design allows for refilling at an optimised 45° refilling angle. This minimises ink leakage and takes the hassle out of refilling.
Convenient Space Saver
Brother’s Refill Tank System features a smart design with an embedded, front-access ink tank and a see-through cover. This saves space effectively and makes it easy to check how much ink is left.
Improve Productivity
Featuring high print speeds of 11/6ipm*, time is saved when there are large volume printing tasks. Users can utilise their time more efficiently instead of waiting for their printouts.
Furthermore, with paper input of up to 100 sheets, users avoid having to refill paper tray too frequently.
Save Time
Enjoy convenience of less-frequent ink purchases with ultra high-yield ink bottles.
Plus, save valuable time as you can still print in black even if colour runs out.

3 Year/30,000 Page Carry-in Warranty

Brother offers an automatic, FREE warranty on the DCP-T500W multi-function centre.
The 3-year or 30,000 pages carry-in warranty protects you against defective parts and workmanship

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