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SURECOLOR SC-T3100x 220v
Small footprint, delivering big impacts

The SureColor SC-T3100x is an entry-level desktop printer that delivers affordable, reliable performance for poster producers, small POS businesses and those working in education.

The compact, professional-level, poster printer
The SC-T3100x is designed for those who demand a professional output (up to 24 inches) from a printer that includes an automatic A4/A3 sheet feeder. Whether you're producing posters, POS, or high print volume CAD/GIS prints, where space is at a premium, this robust, compact business solution boasts a low total cost of ownership (TCO), impressive print accuracy, and is extremely reliable.

Increase productivity and creativity
Whether printing point-of-sale material, posters or any other bright and vibrant images, the SureColor SC-T3100x is designed for professionals looking to increase their productivity and creativity.

Refillable ink solution - not cartridges
It uses a refillable ink solution (140ml bottles) rather than cartridges, for convenience and low running costs. These innovative ink bottles can also be used to replenish the ink while printing, which significantly reduces downtime. It also features a low-cost inkset: K (pigment) and CMY (dye) while retaining the high levels of speed and print quality expected from Epson technical printers.

This 24-inch printer offers the smallest footprint in the Epson technical printer range and is simple to set up. The compact, contemporary design fits neatly into most workspaces, with a suite of intuitive apps and user-friendly features for hassle-free printing. It can be operated using a large LCD colour touchscreen that features easy menu controls and navigation. Full connectivity includes USB, ethernet, integrated wireless and Wi-Fi Direct, that enables printing from tablets, smartphones and more.

More than just the printer
The SC-T3100x forms part of Epson’s complete end-to-end printing solution, which includes inks, software and paper - all designed to work in harmony.
It prints on a wide variety of media: from A4 to A1 (24-inch), using the Auto Sheet Feeder, and rolls of up 24 inches. Transitioning between roll and cut-sheets is made simple by using autoswitch.
Epson understand that businesses need to keep running, stay agile, and respond quickly to ever-changing customer needs. With this in mind, the SC-T3100x features unique Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and a robust anti-dust design to help prevent nozzle clogging and misprints.

Key Features
  • Refillable ink solution: Kinder to the environment and your wallet
  • Easy to use: Highly intuitive interface to get you up and running in no time
  • Easy paper change: Switch between rolls and sheets, with ease
  • Discreet design: Clean lines - small footprint
  • Peace of mind: Dust-proof design and NVT help prevent misprints and reduce downtime
The dimensions of the A series paper sizes, as defined by the ISO 216 standard, are given in the table below the diagram in both millimetres and inches (cm measurements can be obtained by dividing mm value by 10). The A  Series paper size chart, below left, gives a visual representation of how the sizes relate to each other -  for example A5 is half of A4 size paper and A2 is half of A1 size paper.

2A01189 x 1682 mm
46.8 x 66.2 in
A2420 x 594 mm
16.5 x 23.4 in
A3297 x 420 mm
11.7 x 16.5 in
A4210 x 297 mm
8.3 x 11.7 in
A5148 x 210 mm
5.8 x 8.3 in
A6105 x 148 mm
4.1 x 5.8 in
A774 x 105 mm
2.9 x 4.1 in
A852 x 74 mm
2.0 x 2.9 in
A937 x 52 mm
1.5 x 2.0 in
A1026 x 37 mm
1.0 x 1.5 in
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