Brother PT P900W - Epson Ink Tank Printers available from Discspeed

Brother PT P900W - Epson Ink Tank Printers available from Discspeed

Discspeed 011-318-2052
Discspeed 011-318-2052
Discspeed 011-318-2052
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P-Touch P900W

PC Connectable network label printer

Keeping labelling clear and consistent can be a problem when everyone is producing their own versions from different devices and printers. That’s when the network label printer PT-P900W network label printer really comes into its own.
Now multiple users can access the same professional labelling resource, with print speeds up to an impressive 80mm per second and resolution of up to 360 x 360dpi.
The labelling software is held on the network too, so there’s no need to upload to every PC and laptop individually.
Particularly useful when you need to produce lots of labels at once, the PT-P900W is especially suited for use in manufacturing, around offices and in the post room.

Key Features:
  • USB 2.0, Serial, Wireless Direct
  • Prints 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24, 36mm, TZe laminated labels.
  • P-Touch Editor 5.1 included
  • Most image fonts supported
  • 32mm max Print height
  • Barcopdes supported
  • Fast print speed of 60mm/sec
  • Automatic full cutter
  • 25 - 1000mm label length
  • 360dpi Print resolution
  • Ships with 36mm Black on Black on White tape (4m)
  • USB cable as well as AC Adaptor

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